Fertilizer in Utah

Lawns need more than water and sunlight to survive. Fertilizer helps provide landscapes and the plants within them with other nutrients to survive much quicker than nature can produce them. It’s important to regularly use fertilizer as grass returns to its greener color. After that, it’s recommended you fertilize your lawn every four to six weeks. Fertilizing your lawn provides many benefits, including:

  • Increased disease resistance
  • A more healthy, green and dense-appearing lawn
  • Reduction of weed growth
  • Replacing lost plant nutrients


How to Identify Fertilizers

fertilizerFertilizers are labeled with three numbers that represent the percentage by weight of three key elements that make up the fertilizer. The numbers represent, in order, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. They also contain traces of other elements. Every yard will need a unique kind of fertilizer, depending on its nutritional needs. Each of the three main ingredients serves a different purpose for providing a plant with nutrition:

  • Nitrogen: Considered the most important element out of the three, nitrogen helps plants grow leaves and have a green color.
  • Phosphorus: Helpful for fighting diseases, this element also aids plants form roots and make seeds.
  • Potassium: This element helps plants grow fast and strengthens plant stems.

Depending on your lawn’s health, you may need a fertilizer that contains a higher amount of one nutrient than the rest. We sell multiple kinds of fertilizers at DeMille Turf Farm, including special formulas that we created specifically for Southern Utah lawns. Our experienced staff can help you determine what fertilizer is best for your yard. We want to help you create your perfect lawn, and fertilizer will help make your lawn shine.

If you’re looking for lawn fertilizer in Utah, you’ve come to the right place. Give DeMille Turf Farm a call today at 435-586-9797.