Mulch and Topsoil in Cedar City, UT

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Having high-quality topsoil is important for the health of your plants and landscaping. Topsoil is the highest layer of garden soil and provides plants with most of their nutrition. Garden soil can be enhanced and protected by adding mulch.

At DeMille Turf Farm, we carry some of the best mulch and topsoil in Cedar City, Hamiltons Fort, Iron County, and Enoch, UT to keep your turf looking great.


The Benefits of Topsoil and Mulch

TopsoilIf you’re low on topsoil, your turf may not receive enough nutrients, could change color or die. A healthy amount of topsoil keeps grass thicker, greener and healthier. Topsoil contains a majority of the elements that create the foundation of garden soil and provide plants—including grass—most of their nutrients. Topsoil can be added onto an existing lawn and topped with grass seed, allowing for new grass to grow on a nutrient-rich base.

Mulch is usually a mixture of bark, leaves and other forms of debris. It helps protect topsoil in multiple ways. Mulch provides a barrier between topsoil and the elements, including rain and the sun. This allows the topsoil to retain moisture, providing plants with more nutrition. Mulch can also provide additional nutrients to plants as it decays, depending on the material.

Topsoil erodes less quickly if a layer of mulch is on top of it to protect it. If you’re looking to reduce the amount of weeds on your lawn, mulch can help with that, too. It’s also a great way to make your yard more visually appealing, especially in a garden.

If you’re looking for topsoil or mulch in Utah, look no further. DeMille Turf Farm is proud to provide high-quality topsoil, garden soil, and mulch to make your lawn and garden livelier. If you’re looking to improve the health of your grass or to make your landscape beautiful, contact us today at 435-586-9797 for mulch, sod installation, lawn fertilizer, and much more.