Sod Products and Services in Utah

Your yard is the first thing that most people notice when they see your property. At DeMille Turf Farm, we want to get your lawn in top shape and have guests compliment your landscaping. We’ve provided many property owners different kinds of turf in Utah. Your yard needs are covered with us.


Sod and Hydroseeding

sodWe’ve provided turf for more than four decades. While we’re known for our durable and high-quality sod, we understand that not all property owners want the initial costs of sod. Your needs may vary depending on the size of your property, your budget or how much maintenance you’re willing to put into your turf.

We’re happy to carry a variety of products to best meet those needs. Some of the products we carry include:

  • Bluegrass and fescue sod: DeMille Turf Farm is known for having some of the best Kentucky bluegrass in Utah. These sods can be installed to instantly give you that green, healthy lawn you’ve dreamed about.
  • Hydroseeding: Combining seed and mulch, hydroseeding can provide your lawn with a neat, thick, green appearance. This is more cost-efficient with larger lawns.

Installing turf is a big project. We can deliver and install your turf for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Your lawn has many options to look great. If you’re looking to give your lawn the best care, give DeMille Turf Farm a call today at 435-586-9797.